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Almost everybody relies upon a Smartphone in today’s world without much bothering about the data stored on them in different forms like pics, apps, contacts, accounts, passwords, documents and so on…. A very common problem for every Smartphone user is the safety of his/her very important data. A data loss could happen due to uncountable no. of reasons weather it is an accidental damage/ phone lost / deleted files by a mistake / forgotten passwords / smashed screen or many other reasons of carelessness. System malfunction, incomplete upgrade can also be the prime reasons for an unpredicted data loss. So what is the most necessary step one should take to secure his/her data before it happens to you? The easiest step advised is keeping a backup of your lifeline on fortnightly basis which is always neglected by all and many till one encounters a disaster. The next step would be getting in touch with ‘Radioshack’ A company which has the most the commendable track record on data recovery in the service industry. Radioshack has gained the confidence of more than one lac loyal & repeat customers for anything related to crucial data recovery or any kind of personalized services. We specialize in data recovery from dead, broken, smashed / crashed iphones, faulty flash drives and non-detectable hard disk drives.