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In the iAge where the Apple has ceased to represent anything but the fruit, there is no guarantee that the Apple keeps the doctor away for a long time, In the age when Sam forgot how it sung, In the age where the Berries refuse to be black anymore and given that most of the company policies are just replacement and not repairs for their products, Radioshack’s “APPLE CARE CENTRE” the brainchild of a young gadget freak then, was born out of the desire to fix & mend what was entirely denied by others and that was what led  people to Radioshack. Radioshack brought a revolution that changed the way consumers perceive “repairs” by providing services that are beyond imagination or at par with those provided by the parent companies or renowned business houses occasionally.

Our main interface with our esteemed customers is built over 20 years of trust and a growing clientele, just because When Apple/Samsung/Blackberry and others said: “We just can’t”, Radioshack said: “We can” whether the product was physically damaged by water/fatal fall damage or was assumed dead beyond repairs like the one above.

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